Siberian Swan Pointe Shoes

The Pointe Shoes that last longer

Siberian Swan shoe is made of the combination of engineered plastic shank, and conventional box reinforced with special glue at the platform to increase the edges’ durability.


Siberian Swan uses its own fabrics with the high GSM which makes them more durable and less slippery  Plastic for the shank is the product of computer aided design and automated machine process.


Plastic and extra support doesn't take away from the shoe's articulation with the demi pointe. The thickness of the shank is not even allowing for greater flexibility at the metatarsal area where the demi-pointe position is. 



Jess, 17:

These will last as long as the Gaynors and don't do any damage.

My balance is much better and I feel very safe.

Annamarie, 16:

This is the first time I have had shoes that fit my very wide foot. All the others made my little toes stick out over the wings


Eidean, 21:

I think these will last the same as three pairs of Grishko.


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